Coffee Maker Digital - Stainless - Champion
Coffee Maker Digital - Stainless - Champion
Coffee Maker Digital - Stainless - Champion


Coffee Maker Digital - Stainless


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299 kr.

Champion CHKB210 is a stylish and affordable coffee machine equipped with timer function. The 24h timer function is perfect for those who want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning. Fill the machine in the evening and set the timer at the time you want the coffee to start brewing. With an exclusive stainless steel design, you have a coffee maker that fits into all the kitchens.

Champion CHKB210 meets the new ECO design requirements with automatic shutdown. Should you have forgotten the brewer when you leave home, it will turn off after 40 minutes. During this time, the coffee is warmed by means of the hotplate. On the clear LCD display you will see the amount of time and information about any timer set.

- Made in stainless steel
- Removable filter holder for 1x4 filter
- Capacity: The water tank holds 1.5 liters (about 12 large copper)
- Graded water tank and glass can
- Power: 1000 watts
- Automatic shutdown
- Drip stop: J
- Dimensions: 186x357x265mm
- Weight: 2.5 kg

Forventet leveringsdato 03 nov - 05 nov
Type Kaffemaskiner
Varemærker Champion
Kategori Kaffemaskiner og espresso
Artikelnummer P180203736