Vinegar lavender - Gröna Gredelina
Vinegar lavender - Gröna Gredelina

Gröna Gredelina

Vinegar lavender


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Green Gredelina's scented vinegar smells of green lavender and can be used for much.

This product is completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins.
Use as a rinse glove in the dishwasher - it smells good while the machine is descaling and the glasses become shiny.
Fabrics for the sheets & towels - The machine will be descaled while you wash & it will smell good.
You can use it for the vast majority and most common areas of your home. (avoid marble)
The surface is well cleaned and leaves no dangerous residues behind.
Perfume-free, but smells of natural & organic essential oils.

Scented Vinegar Lavende viridis, 500 ml

INCI: Acetum concentratum *, lavandula officinalis flower oil *, sodium chloride *.

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