Duffle Bag - Grey - Lord Nelson
Duffle Bag - Grey - Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson

Duffle Bag - Grey


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The Duffel bag has its name after the town it began to be manufactured in, and that city was Duffel and is located in Belgium.
The bag was made of a thick and durable fabric which today characterizes this type of bag. Another common detail is that the bag has many buckles in the sides.

A duffel bag is easy to pack and its various carrying straps provide several good ways to carry the bag.
Dimensions: 55x35x25cm
Volume: 40 liters

Forventet leveringsdato 25 okt - 29 okt
Farve Grå
Type Weekend tasker
Varemærker Lord Nelson
Kategori Tasker
Aktuelle kampagner Travel Must Haves, News by Famous Brands
Artikelnummer P191155111