Coffee Maker Vector - Black - Morphy Richards
Coffee Maker Vector - Black - Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards

Coffee Maker Vector - Black


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Vector Black Coffee Maker
* Programmable hours
* Spread the water evenly over the coffee
* Setting coffee strength
* Drip stop
* Brew from 1-12 cups at a time

Start the day with freshly brewed coffee. This coffee maker has a capacity of 12 cups and it has programmable hours so you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The coffee maker is fast. 12 cups are brewed in about 10 minutes. Thermostatic heating plate. Heat resistant carafe with lid. Easy to clean filter. The brewer has anti-drip function and you can choose the strength of the coffee.

Find your angle with the new, geometrically beautiful, Vector collection. With the amazing contrast between 3D patterned high gloss plastic and glossy stainless steel, the Vector collection will be guaranteed attention.

Forventet leveringsdato 03 nov - 05 nov
Type Kaffemaskiner
Varemærker Morphy Richards
Kategori Kaffemaskiner og espresso
Artikelnummer P191082470