CI86X5 Colour Protect Wand champagne - Remington
CI86X5 Colour Protect Wand champagne - Remington
CI86X5 Colour Protect Wand champagne - Remington


CI86X5 Colour Protect Wand champagne


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If voluminous curls and vibrant colour is your one hair wish then the Advanced Colour Protect Wand will grant it. In an on-trend champagne colour, this wand makes sure creating your coveted curls doesn’t mean compromising on your colour – and it makes a style statement on your dressing table.

Do you love working beachy waves, a textured pony tail or Hollywood glamour curls but worry about
heated styling contributing to your colour fading? Worry no more because the Advanced Colour Protect Wand uses Unique Colour Protect technology to ensure your curls don’t come at the cost of your colour. Producing an optimal heat for perfect styling, this technology helps protect coloured hair for long lasting vibrancy and shine.

With an Advanced Ceramic Coating infused with Shea oil and UV filters it’s easy to keep your tresses in tip top condition. Transferring micro-conditioners to your hair with every wave or curl you create, you can lock in your colour and enhance your shine.

The Intelligent Colour Protect Heat Sensor lets you create salon worthy styles that leave you selfie ready whilst still taking care of your hair, as it continuously regulates the barrel to an optimum heat.

With a 30 second heat up time and 5 heat settings that let you tailor the temperature to your hair type – looking flawless has never been easier. Whether it’s a natural, wavy look for work or big, bouncy curls for drinks with the girls, the wand has a 25-38mm barrel that gives you the freedom to create a variety of this season’s hottest styles. It also features Grip Tech coating that prevents hair sliding off the barrel.

Forventet leveringsdato 19 jan - 25 jan
Køn Kvinde
Varemærker Remington
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Aktuelle kampagner Remington & more hairstyling
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