Sabor - Flavor - Long boiler - Sabor
Sabor - Flavor - Long boiler - Sabor


Sabor - Flavor - Long boiler


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Sabor SMAK baking molds have the best specifications in the market and can withstand temperatures up to 240 ° C and can be stored safely in the freezer. The molds from Smak are made of 0.8 mm carbon steel and are coated with a 2-layer Whitford Eclipse coating, a coating that can withstand tough treatment and has a long service life. This ensures even heat distribution and a perfect result every time. To best protect the coating, we recommend using silicone tools, heat-resistant plastic or wood. The molds should be cleaned by hand and dried thoroughly before storage. PFOA free

Forventet leveringsdato 22 okt - 26 okt
Type Fade
Varemærker Sabor
Kategori Gryder og stegepander
Aktuelle kampagner Kitchen Essentials
Artikelnummer P191279820