Icon On-Ear Wireless - Stone - Skullcandy
Icon On-Ear Wireless - Stone - Skullcandy
Icon On-Ear Wireless - Stone - Skullcandy


Icon On-Ear Wireless - Stone


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Icon wireless on-ear headphone
Bluetooth® wireless technology
10 hours of battery life
Non-slip headband
Activate assistant
TapTech ™ calls and track control
Activate assistant
Triple press the button to get the helper assistant to send a message, set a reminder and more.
Tap it
One button - that's all. Just press the left ear cup to switch tracks and handle calls.

The classic is back, now without cable. Between 2006-2014, Icon was cult declared by snowboarding and the skateboarders for their simple, low-profile design. Originally released as a headphone with cable, Icon now returns as a Bluetooth variant without the constraint of cable.

Well-behaved and with a low profile, you can use Icon Wireless on the slopes, in the skate park or be as complete. Connected with the essential technology, you are ready for action.

Forventet leveringsdato 04 nov - 06 nov
Varemærker Skullcandy
Kategori Høretelefoner og headsets
Artikelnummer P191103611