Blackhead extractor tool - Pink - Zoe Ayla
Blackhead extractor tool - Pink - Zoe Ayla

Zoe Ayla

Blackhead extractor tool - Pink


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Want glowing, soft skin everyday? With Zoë Ayla’s Electric Facial Pore Cleansing device, younger, healthier looking skin is just a moment away! 
Take your daily beauty routine to the next level; by protecting and rejuvenating your skin, removing all dirt causing outbreaks and up your complexion by using this tool on a daily basis. With the perfect selection of the 5 detachable heads and 3 working intensity level settings, you can adjust to be suited to your own beauty requirements! 

Key Benefits: 
-Multifunctional interchangeable Heads
-Professional spa-grade at-home solution
-Built-in LED Light for ultimate precision USB chargeable

What is included? 
- 4 detachable heads 
- USB Charging Cord
- 1 x Professional Blackhead Extractor Tool

5V, 1.5W, Dimensions of the product: 43*40*157mm, Packaging size: 205*125*50mm, Net Weight: 129g.
Built in LED lighting, 4 specialized probes, USB charging, 3 level of intensities

ABS, PC. iron. silicone, copper

Forventet leveringsdato 25 jan - 29 jan
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Varemærker Zoe Ayla
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