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Bela cutlery set 24 parts


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BELA - 24 parts. Cutlery set 18/10 polished, 24 parts. Contains 6 pcs of each - Table fork 205 mm, Table knife 228 mm, Table spoon 205 mm, Coffee / tea spoon 147 mm. Bela is a cutlery 18/10 polished stainless steel quality. Discreet design with slightly curved ends on the cutlery gives a modern but still timeless feeling that fits on many occasions. The hard steel quality makes the cutlery very resistant to scratches, rust and stays nice year after year. All parts are sanded and polished everywhere for best comfort and have a very high quality durable material that makes the shine and finish last longer.

Forventet leveringsdato 26 okt - 28 okt
Varemærker Zwilling
Kategori Bestik
Artikelnummer P191338937