Champion Sandwich Maker - Champion
Champion Sandwich Maker - Champion
Champion Sandwich Maker - Champion


Champion Sandwich Maker


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Champion CHSG100 sandwich grill is the perfect machine to cook all kinds of hot sandwiches. With NonStick-treated plates, the grill gives an excellent result every time and is also very easy to clean. The grill has grated grill plates to facilitate cooking such as ciabatta, panini or other large bread. Of course, it's good to grill two classic double cheese and ham sandwiches.
The CHSG100 has a large and easy-to-handle handle that is also lockable to keep the food in place throughout the cooking process. The indicator lights on the top side show when the grill is ready for use.
- matt black finish
- NonStick plates for easy cleaning
- Large grated grill surfaces
- High power of 700 W
- Handle with lock for easy opening and closing

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 21 heinä - 23 heinä
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