Display Cover Tempered Glass - Black - Champion


Display Cover Tempered Glass - Black


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Champion screen protector in tempered 9H glass is a model-adapted display protector that effectively protects your mobile phone's screen from cracks, scratches and dust. The cover is easy to assemble and the tempered glass construction makes it close to your display and avoids the creation of air bubbles. The strong but thin protection also does not affect the phone's screen functions. You can feel confident that your smartphone retains full functionality, but also keeps it safe from many different types of flaws that can occur in everyday life.

Needless to say, a screen protector can affect your smartphone's touch features. It may therefore be good for you to know that in the settings of your Galaxy S11e / S20 you have the possibility to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen, should you experience any problems with inputs that are not registered. Go to Settings> Display> Touch Sensitivity to enable the feature.

- Tempered 9H glass
- Strong protection against scratches and cracks
- “Case friendly”
- Easy to assemble
- High transparency
- Continued access to all functions
- Fits: Galaxy S11e / S20

In the package:
- Tempered glass screen protector
- Cushion cloth
- Liquor washcloth
- Dust sticker

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