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Donna Cashmere

Donna - Cable Cap - Mole


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Cable knit cap in soft cashmere fabric.

Composition: 100% Cashmere.

Cashmere care

In knitting, the english term gauge (gg) is often used. Gauge describes the number of meshes per inch. Simply stated, one can say that the higher gg, the thinner the sweater. Cashmere sweaters are usually knitted in 8 gg, 12 gg and 16 gg.

Sometimes, little “dots” of wool are formed on areas which are exposed to friction. This is due to excess fibres and is completely normal.

These are easily removed using a cashmere comb which you find in well-stocked stores. You can wash our cashmere both by hand and machine wash, but remember that you must never wash the garment in temperatures above 30 ° c or centrifuge. When drying, it is recommended that you gently squeeze out the water and thereafter put the sweater on a terrycloth to dry.

Your cashmere garment should always be kept lying down, because knitwear will easily loose its shape when hanging for a long period of time.

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