Fiorelli - FO043RGM JU97.10FO - Fiorelli
Fiorelli - FO043RGM JU97.10FO - Fiorelli
Fiorelli - FO043RGM JU97.10FO - Fiorelli


Fiorelli - FO043RGM JU97.10FO


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48 €

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This stunning ladies timepiece by fashion brand Fiorelli will suit any style or occasion and will definitely have heads turning with its gorgeous summer inspired dial. It has a rose gold bracelet with a white dial featuring a floral black grey print. This watch comes complete with watch box and 2 years warranty.

General description – Movement
Quartz - A battery-operated clockwork.
Automatic - Also called mechanical clockwork. The clock is driven by the wearer's own energy in the form of motion. The watch will stop after a certain number of hours if the movement stops.
Manual - Clock with mechanical clockwork that you manually has to screw up.
Solar - Clock with battery, powered by solar power.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 14 huhti - 16 huhti
Kohderyhmä Naiset
Väri Ruusukulta
Tuotemerkit Fiorelli
Kategoria Kellot
Tuotenumero P191246538