Hair Straightener GI0201 - Ga.Ma
Hair Straightener GI0201 - Ga.Ma


Hair Straightener GI0201


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Argan Elegance has been designed to be used with Argan oil. Thanks to the combined features of both the pliers and the oil, you will achieve amazing results. The hair restores its moisture, shine and beauty and lasts it for a long time.
Argan Elegance has longer plates than the average, 12cm wide, which saves you time when used.

The temperature is easily set through the LCD display 150-220 degrees, and with the help of Quick Heat technology your hotplate is warm in seconds. The plates are covered with Tourmaline, a smooth material that slides easily over the hair sections and reduces the contact with heat as it releases negative ions.

After use, you can lock the plates for more compact storage and greater security. The argan oil can be applied both before and after styling.

- Temperature 150-220 degrees.
- Tourmaline plates.
- Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes.
- Cord length 1.80, 360 degree rotation.

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