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Guerlain Abeille Royale Double Serum 30 ml


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1. A double technology that combines the peeling and lifting effect in a single serum;
2. An extraordinary raw material: Royal Jelly of the Black Bee
3. A double result: new skin effect and lifting effect that act on wrinkles, skin texture, pores, brightness, skin tone, elasticity and contours.

Guerlain's Double R Renew & Repair serum combines the most advanced Abeille Royale anti-aging correction technology with a soft-peel treatment for highly effective action on the visible signs of aging: loss of elasticity and tone, wrinkles , dull complexion, imperfections, enlarged pores. On the one hand, its "lifting effect" formula offers the skin the exceptional benefits of the exclusive Guerlain active ingredients: Honey from the Black Bee and Royal Jelly from the Isle of Ouessant. On the other hand, its "soft-peel" formula for a "young skin" effect favors the skin renewal cycle with a non-invasive formula. The results: the face appears fuller and the contours are more defined. The texture of the skin is smoother, wrinkles and pores are reduced and the complexion shines. Day after day, the skin becomes brighter.
Application: apply on face and neck in the morning and evening before the usual cream.

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