W0864G6 - GUESS
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Type: Mens Sport
Style Name: Caliber
Movement: Chronograph
Band Material: Silicone
Band Colour: Blue
Diameter: 45.0 Mm
Dial Colour: Silver
Glass: Ip

General Description - Movement
Quartz - A Battery-Operated Clockwork.
Automatic - Also Called Mechanical Clockwork. The Clock Is Driven By The Wearer'S Own Energy In The Form Of Motion. The Watch Will Stop After A Certain Number Of Hours If The Movement Stops.
Manual - Clock With Mechanical Clockwork That You Manually Has To Screw Up.
Solar - Clock With Battery, Powered By Solar Power.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 21 tammi - 23 tammi
Kohderyhmä Miehet
Väri Kuviollinen
Tuotemerkit GUESS
Kategoria Kellot
Tuotenumero P180336381