150x210 cm - Manchester Satin 400tc Bed Set - Sand - Kosta Linnewäfveri

Kosta Linnewäfveri

150x210 cm - Manchester Satin 400tc Bed Set - Sand


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Our finest bedding in satin is Manchester. The fabric gives a lovely soft feel and feels cool to the skin as it is made of cotton satin, ie, woven fabric made of fine yarn. Here we have a thread density of 400. Thread density indicates the number of threads per square inch a fabric, the higher the density, the finer the fabric. Here you get a silk mat and a flexible surface.

Material: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 50x60 cm, 150x210 cm

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 16 elo - 18 elo
Koko 150x210 cm
Tyyppi Vuode
Väri Beige
Tuotemerkit Kosta Linnewäfveri
Kategoria Vuodetekstiilit
Tuotenumero P191241278