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Color Wireless Earphones - Blue


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First-class audio quality, stereo sound on both headphones when talking on the phone and touch control are some of the features you can enjoy. They have a comfortable weight which gives an enhanced premium feel. The headphones are small in size and fit perfectly in the ear for walks and workouts.

The headphones also have touch functions such as pausing, answering calls, changing songs and much more. It is an automatic connection between the headphones and the headphones is started via the button on the charging box.

Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 300AH + 30AH
Call: about 4 hours.
Music: about 2-3 hours.
Standby: about 6 hours.
Charging time: 70 minutes.
Connect with Bluetooth, Smart touch, Siri Function.
Range: 15-25 meters

Available in the colors black, white, gray, dark blue, light blue, yellow, pink and green

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