Acton Speaker Bluetooth - Cream - Marshall
Acton Speaker Bluetooth - Cream - Marshall


Acton Speaker Bluetooth - Cream


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With a well-balanced base and a clear middle register, Marshall Acton delivers a sound experience that is both clear and powerful enough to keep the party alive. The deep base is the expectation of the compact size. There are carefully selected components that ensure that this small speaker can play music beyond its size. Acton also has 3 analog knobs to adjust sound to your particular music and the music genre you listen to. When it comes to design, it is just as thought through, you get the durable, clear and tough vintage design - obviously with the iconic Marshall logo.

Stream music via Bluetooth
Set the speaker down, connect the power cable and turn on Bluetooth - then just sit back and enjoy. Acton comes with built-in Bluetooth and you can pair any Bluetooth enabled device such as phone, tablet or laptop. The range of 10 meters allows you to carry with you the mobile you are streaming music with or you can sit down on the sofa and relax with your favorite music.

Analog input and high quality cable
If you do not want to stream music via Bluetooth, Acton is equipped with an analogue input (3.5 mm). You also get a high quality spiral cable that ensures the best possible sound transmission, whether it be from MP3 player, phone or computer.

Iconic Marshall design, from top to bottom
Marshall Acton, a style icon among all Bluetooth speakers in the market. The iconic Marshall design is perfect in every home, classic and modern. It is not just a joy to listen to but also a delight to the eye.

Width: 26,5 cm
Height: 16 cm
Depth: 15 cm

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