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Millebaci Lip Color 40


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40- Sangria. Semi-permanent liquid lipstick. Instant coverage and warm, essential and pigment-rich colors. Extra fluid texture that releases unparalleled color and an imperceptible long-lasting film on the lips.
FEATURES: Instant coverage. Extra thin film. Velvety matt finish without smudging. Long lasting. No transfer.
COMPOSITION: Vitamin E Ester: known for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging action. Boraggine oil for its softening and soothing properties. With silicone elastomers that give the texture creaminess and elasticity. Immediate pay off thanks to the high concentration of micronized pigments. The modulated evaporation of the volatile substances contained in the product fixes the color to the lips, creating a light and impalpable film. Gently vanilla flavored formula.
USE: Apply to the lips. Wait a few seconds to allow the elastic polymers contained in the formula to fix correctly.
You are ready to give your 1000 kisses!

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