Bracelet Shell Pearls White - Nova Pearls
Bracelet Shell Pearls White - Nova Pearls
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Nova Pearls

Bracelet Shell Pearls White


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Jewellery type: Bracelet
Base material: Brass
Color base material: Silver
Coating/Plating: Rhodium plated
Surface treatment: High-gloss polished
Pearl type: Shell pearls
Pearl color: White
Pearl shape: Round
Pearl size in mm: 10
Pearl lust: Brightness
Length: 17,0 - 20,0 cm

Definition Shell Pearls
A shell pearl is a handcrafted pearl made by layers of organic material from the shell of an oyster. In fact, the materials used are the same materials from which cultured pearls are made from, but a shell pearl is laboratory made, coated and polished to the final shape of a pearl.

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