Dot Votive Small Gold  2 pack - Pipol´s Bazaar

Pipol´s Bazaar

Dot Votive Small Gold 2 pack


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Decorative votive in glass, perfect for tea lights or decoration. The votive is painted in a beautiful pattern and a golden edge. The inside can withstand water, but not the outside. This PIPOL’S BAZAAR item is a handmade product, skilfully made by the hands of craftsmen. As each piece is unique there will be variations in pattern and colors, making it the rare and personal object it was intended to be.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 11 elo - 13 elo
Väri Kulta
Tuotemerkit Pipol´s Bazaar
Kategoria Kynttilät ja lyhdyt
Tuotenumero P191175284