MB4132 Beard Boss Professional - Remington
MB4132 Beard Boss Professional - Remington


MB4132 Beard Boss Professional


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Remington Beard Boss is a compact beard trimmer. With titanium-coated sheets that are 300% times tougher than stainless steel sheets, this trimmer offers a efficient shave.

OptiAngle is designed for maximum comfort, control and superior handling. No matter how you trim it glides smoothly over your face without additional effort. For easy use, it is cordless and with its lithium battery it has up to 50 minutes of use. With 13 preset longitudinal settings, you can adjust the trimmer to a length that suits you and your style. When using the trimmer without comb, it can handle down to 0.4mm which is perfect for fine-grinding. With comb the cut length varies between 1.5-18mm.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 13 loka - 15 loka
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Tuotemerkit Remington
Kategoria Kauneusvälineet
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