S9100 PROluxe Straightener - Remington
S9100 PROluxe Straightener - Remington


S9100 PROluxe Straightener


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Do you want a day-to-day styling? We introduce PROluxe pliers, as with the new Intelligent OptiHeat technology, it's just right, while giving you straight hair that looks fresh and beautiful.
Plattången helps you get a beautifully styled hairstyle that fits a lifestyle where something happens 24/7. PROluxe pliers give a result that lasts from morning and all the way to the night.
Plattången has ceramic tiles with a coating that gives a better glide and these have been shown to give five times more smooth results *. The hair slides easily over the ceramic tiles and gives you 50% shaving hair in just one move **.

Styling that lasts 24/7
Salon results lasting all day
Intelligent OptiHeat technology provides heat wherever needed
Pro + setting for styling at optimal temperature
Digital temperature display
Adjustable temperature between 160-230 ° C
5x better glide *
50% shaving hair on a pull **

* Compared to a standard ceramic coating
** Compared to a standard plate from Remington

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 16 loka - 20 loka
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Tuotemerkit Remington
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