Bubble Toaster 2SL - 25081-56 - Pink - Russell Hobbs
Bubble Toaster 2SL - 25081-56 - Pink - Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs

Bubble Toaster 2SL - 25081-56 - Pink


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Soft Pink Bubble is a modern pastel pink toaster in retro style. The toaster combines the traditional with the trendy and gives a cool statement to your kitchen. With attractive curves that smoothly embrace the toaster and shiny stainless steel - this toaster is as amazing in appearance as in performance. It also has two wide slots that are perfect for bread of different sizes, from toasts to bagels.

7 different degrees of rust
We know that everyone likes different degrees of roasting on their toast and we think you'll have the opportunity to choose which roasting rate suits you. Therefore, Soft Pink Bubble Toaster comes with a variable degree of rust that allows you to choose the right temperature for your particular roasting needs. Whether you like a lightly roasted surface or a bronze and crispy - Soft Pink Bubble Toaster has the setting for you.

Integrated cord storage
Do you love a nice and tidy kitchen? Do you want to stop the mess in the kitchen? Then you'll love Soft Pink Bubble Toaster, which comes with integrated cord storage to keep your countertop clean and simple as possible. Once you have used the breadcrumb ready, you can easily put together the cord around the underside of the toast for a smart storage.

High Lift feature
Are you looking for a way to take out your delicious toast from the toast without burning your fingertips? Then you will love the High Lift feature on our Soft Pink Bubble Toaster which will help you take out your toast easily. And you can say goodbye to the worry with your delicious slice of toast stuck in the toaster because this High Lift feature can save every disc.

heating function
Designed for hectic mornings - Soft Pink Bubble Toaster takes care of your breakfast while taking care of your tasks. With a special reheating function, there is no longer any need to worry that the toast with toast in the toaster becomes cold. You can now go to handle all your morning tasks and sit down at the breakfast table with a hot slice of toast. Just press the warm-up button and warm your toast at a time that suits you.

Removable crumb tray
Say goodbye to a nice kitchen counter. Soft Pink Bubble Toaster comes with a detachable crumb tray designed to collect all the crumbs that usually rubbish the kitchen for every piece of toast you roast. Cleaning has never been easier. With minimal hassle, simply remove the tray when it's full and empty it straight into the garbage.

freeze Function
Do you like to keep the bread in the freezer but hate to wait for it to be thawed? Then you will love Soft Pink Bubble toaster with a freezer function - ready to give you a tasty slice of toast directly from the freezer. Just stop in the bread in the toaster and let it do the job in a matter of minutes.
stop functions
Perfect for those mornings when your toast looks a little too rusty for your taste - now you can easily click the stop button to cancel the roasting cycle. Saving your disc toast has never been easier.

• Stainless steel with beautiful accents of pastel pink
• 7 different degrees of rust
• Removable crumb tray
• Freezer function
• Heating function
• Stop functions
• High Lift function
• Integrated cord storage

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