Legacy Kettle - 21885-70 - Red - Russell Hobbs
Legacy Kettle - 21885-70 - Red - Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs

Legacy Kettle - 21885-70 - Red


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70 €

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With a classic British design, Legacy kettle is inspired by the world's first electric kettle, just a Russell Hobbs. With the latest modern technology, this kettle will not disappoint you.

Extra quiet kettle
The kettle is equipped with a special plate at the bottom that mutes noise, making it up to 70% quieter than your average kettle *.
With the smart fast cooking function, boil a cup of only 55 seconds ** and in the bottom of the kettle there is a mark that shows 1/2/3 cups so you do not unnecessarily boil too much water and you can save up to 66% energy***. With a 360 ° bass you can put your kettle in all directions and it comes with a smart integrated cord storage.
The kettle also has a clever pouring pipe designed to minimize spillage and makes it easier to drain the water into your cup.
With 1.7 liter of water capacity, kettle is big enough to serve your friends and the whole family. Just fill the kettle and let it do the job.

• 1.7 liters in red stainless steel
• Quiet cooking technology, up to 70% quieter *
• Fast cooking mode, so you can choose the right volume for 1, 2 or 3 cups
• Cooks a cup of 55 seconds **
• Saves up to 66% energy ***
• Perfect pouring pipe
• 360 ° bass with cord storage
• Hidden heating element
• Detachable washable filter
• Dry cooker protection
• Water level indicator
• Automatic shutdown
• 2400W
* Compared to other Russell Hobbs models without Quiet Boil technology
** A cup corresponds to 235 ml of water
*** When boiling 1 cup, compared to 1 liter of water

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