Infinitive Sensation 02 - Shirt - White - Triumph


Infinitive Sensation 02 - Shirt - White


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Linen from Triumph's Shape Infinite Sensation series. Wonderful to wear and at the same time shape the upper body without tightening or cutting in. A true classic with high shaping effect. Fits perfectly under tight sweaters and figure-cut blouses. Rounded neckline at the front and straight cut back Comfortable elastic, striped strap under the bust Shoulder straps with adjustable length Smooth edges at the bottom and around the neckline give a seamless look and counteract the marks on the skin High Shaping - a covering quality material that holds the belly and hips to look slimmer. the new panties and bra from the Shape Infinite Sensation series - a brand new shapewear experience.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 11 elo - 13 elo
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Koko S
Väri Valkoinen
Tyyppi Yöpuku
Tuotemerkit Triumph
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