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Stadion Trail


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Quick and easy bluetooth headphones. The stadium is a training headphone with a unique design, designed with a spiral cord that goes behind your neck for an extra good fit. The stadium comes with earclick technology that ensures the earbuds are left in the ears, reflective cord for extra visibility and all the controls you need to adjust the volume or receive calls.

Listen wirelessly with Bluetooth. A single charge gives up to seven hours of wireless listening. Use the USB port on the back to load the earpiece.

The stadium has the best combination for a perfect fit - a spiral cord that adapts to the shape of your head and earclick technology to ensure that your ears are in place in your ears.

Adjust volume, change song or receive calls using the control button. The stadium has all the features you need easily accessible behind your neck.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 09 kesä - 11 kesä
Tuotemerkit URBANEARS
Kategoria Kuulokkeet
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