BaByliss Clip & Curl - BaByliss
BaByliss Clip & Curl - BaByliss
BaByliss Clip & Curl - BaByliss


BaByliss Clip & Curl


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Using Heat Coils has never been easier! With BaByliss Clip & Curl, you create beautiful curls everyday. It's simple, gentle and a modern twist on traditional heat coils. Anyone can do them!

Clip & Curl has 12 coils in two different sizes, giving a natural result. In just 5 minutes, the coils are heated to 85 ° C.

Thanks to the heat-resistant silicone core that the hair rolls around, the hair gets shine and makes the coils safe to use, regardless of temperature. No clamps are needed when Clip & Curl simply closes into the unique container, making it incredibly easy to use.

Quick heating
Comfortable and easy to use
12 silicone coils - 2 sizes (6x19 mm, 6x25 mm)
Self-adhesive clips - do not need any needles / clips
The design; - handle - easy to carry - takes small area - high and slim design - 3 coils at a time - the other 3 heat up
Light indicator (signals when the coils are hot)
The cord is rolled up around the foot when it is kept

Beregnet leveransdato 06 aug - 10 aug
Kjønn Kvinne
Type Rettetang
Merker BaByliss
Kategori Skjønnhetsverktøy
Artikkelnummer P553100