Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel - Bosch Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel - Bosch Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel - Bosch Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel - Bosch Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel - Bosch


Kitchen Machine - MCM3401M - Black/Brushed Steel


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MultiTalent 3 - the compact and versatile food processor with many features. Cooking and baking are both easier and more fun!

● Hack with MultiLevel6 knife: always good results thanks to three double-blade knives - chopping nicely and mixing sauces and dip perfectly
● Smooth: The accessories are quickly available when stored in the stack. Thanks to clear labeling, they are also easy to mount.
● Versatile: hack, disc, tear, mix, and more thanks to accessories such as stainless steel multifunction knife and MultiLevel6 knife.
● Get more space in the kitchen - thanks to the compact design with the engine under the deck, smaller bench shells are used
● Dishwasher safe accessories: Easy and convenient cleaning of the dishwasher accessories

Technical data
Product dimensions in mm (H x W x D): 375 x 220 x 260
Net weight (kg): 3.3
Connection power (W): 800
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Electrical connector: Euro-account. without soil to 2.5A
Safety mark: CE, Eurasian, UA, VDE

Supplied accessories
1 x Slot, 1 x Plastic mixer bowl, Capacity 500 g, 1 x Flip-flop, 1 x Visible disc, 1 x Reversible cutting edge, 1 x Feeder, 1 x Universal knife, 1 x Mini-hanger, 1 x Accessory holder, 1 x Degree tool, plastic

Excellent result
- Perfect results fast: thanks to 800 watt strong engine, 2 speeds and pulse function
- Multifunctional stainless steel knife

Supplied accessories
- 2.3 l pile of lid and overcapacity - capacity up to 500 grams of flour + other ingredients (max. 0.8 kg)
- Reversible cutting edge (thin / thick), reversible tear sheet (fine / rough)
- Cream and egg white whipped cream
- Degree tools / knives
- Hack with MultiLevel6 knife for for example herbs, nuts, garlic and pesto

- All plastic parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free
- Security lock on the bowl and lid
- Stands firmly on the bench thanks to rubber sockets

Space-saving design
- SmartStorage: storage of the accessories in the pile
- Charging compartment for convenient storage

2 year warranty.

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Phone hours: Monday-Friday at 9-12 and 13-15.

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