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Feet Savers - Transparent


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Put your best foot forward! Forget the words ”My feet are killing me!” – Feet Savers will literally save your feet. Dancing, walking or partying, we always got you covered! Put them in your party shoes and you are ready to dance all night long, tired and sore feet are finally over!

Our Feet Savers are smart adhesive soles that you put in the front of your shoes. They keep the foot in place and help cushion your delicate footpad, ensuring your feet are happy and healthy. Made of 100% transparent silicone, fit all kinds of shoes and can be used over and over again. One size fits all!

Beregnet leveransdato 02 jun - 04 jun
Kjønn Kvinne
Farge Klar
Merker Freebra
Kategori Skotilbehør
Artikkelnummer P558666