BBQ Apron - Gear
BBQ Apron - Gear
BBQ Apron - Gear
BBQ Apron - Gear


BBQ Apron


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BBQ Apron
* Durable waxed cotton canvas
* Stylish leather and brass details
* Practical pocket at the waist

A stylish and functional apron from GEAR BBQ in durable waxed cotton canvas with stylish details in black leather and brass. Both waist strap and neck strap are adjustable, which makes the size fit most. The apron also has a large practical pocket at the waist and a leather strap on the side for, for example, hanging barbecue equipment in. Length: 97 cm. Width: 28.5 cm / 66 cm.

Beregnet leveransdato 17 des - 25 des
Merker Gear
Kategori Kjøkkentekstiler
Artikkelnummer P190110499