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Giant barrel - White


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Giant barrel with wavy edge.

Measure: 40 cm

Each product from Gerbera is unique, handmade by skilled ceramics and glazed by hand in Gerbera's factory in Portugal. Therefore, there are small variations that give it that wonderfully genuine feeling when you hold it in your hand, like the glaze has ripples and small holes in the glaze occur from the burn. Which is natural and has no impact on quality and sustainability.

We use a specially developed, high quality terracotta counter that makes all our ceramics ovenproof and it can also be placed in the dishwasher. These are utility items that are not only decorative on the shelf but made for use.

- unique ability to gently heat and cook dishes with retained taste and structure
- keeps warm and cold
- Avoid extreme temperature differences
- use in oven or microwave
- can be frozen
- Washers in dishwasher or by hand
- Allow the ceramic to dry properly after washing
- earthenware is a porous material that can "" sweat ", do not place it directly on surfaces sensitive to moisture.
Of course, the glaze is lead- and poison-free fold tested and approved according to IPAC standards for food handling within the EU.

Beregnet leveransdato 24 okt - 28 okt
Farge Hvit
Merker Gerbera
Kategori Tallerkener & skåler
Artikkelnummer P190200195