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Roomba Self-Actioned Vacuum Cleaner 866


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The iRobot 866 is a great robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the house when you're gone.
Roomba 866 from iRobot helps you keep all kinds of floors shining clean.

- Smart navigation system
- Time setting
- Fits all floors
- AeroForce 3-step cleaning
- Automatic charge after completion of cleaning.
- Finds particularly dirty areas and cleans them more intensively.
- Avoid stairs and other obstacles along the way.
- A thorough room cover is secured with the rotating side brush that cleans along the wall.
- Clean under and around furniture and wires, without damaging items in the home.
- Works on both wooden floors and carpets.
- Clean according to a schedule adapted to you.
- The HEPA filter captures deposits from pets, dust particles and other allergens.
- Finds the smallest particles, concentrates the cleaning and cleans several times.

iAdapt navigation technology
Roomba robot vacuum cleaners find their way around obstacles, clean under furniture and focus on extra dirty areas. It passes over each area several times for extra careful cleaning. Emptying of containers. An indicator shows when it is time to empty the dust bin.

Set up your vacuum cleaner to keep it clean while you're away so you can come home to a clean home.

Type of detergent Self-propelled
- Cleaning method Dry
- Type of filter HEPA
- Maximum noise level 60 dB
- Maximum load 33 W
- Dimensions (WxDxH) 35cm x 35cm x 9.2cm
- Weight 3.80 kg
- Sound level 58dBA
- Operating time: 60min
- Charging time: 3 hours approx.

Supplied accessories
- Self-loading Home Base

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