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Volume & Curl Mascara Black 10 & Flex Tip Eyeliner 80


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Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black
Formulated with mascara tube technology with special flexible polymers which form tiny tubes around the lashes for maximum volume, curl and hold. Once applied the tubes cling to the lashes like shrink wrapping and the mascara stays put all day long without running, smudging, flaking or clumping. The formula is also super easy to remove in the evening – warm water and gentle pressure (no need for eye make-up remover) will slide the tubes easily off your lashes.

Flex Tip Eyeliner 80 Carbon Black
Go from an ultra thin to a dramatically thick wing with our comfortable Flex Tip Eyeliner. The long, flexible felt tip makes for a simple, smooth and fast application with just the right amount of resistance. By simply increasing the amount of pressure, you can alter the thickness of your line with total control and ease. The water-based formula is highly pigmented, water-resistant, long-lasting and smudge-proof. All in all, the Flex Tip is one of our most forgiving liquid eyeliners, and an integralpart of our base offer.

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