Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black - Marshall
Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black - Marshall
Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black - Marshall
Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black - Marshall
Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black - Marshall


Mid BT & ANC Headset - Black


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Marshall MID A.N.C. gives you stylish headphones that not only provide top-notch sound reproduction, but are also equally solid and comfortable to actually use in all styles and ages. These on-ear headphones are equipped with excellent technology for active noise reduction, so that you can experience the music from 40 mm drive elements and their dynamic sound image regardless of wireless or connected with cable in the best possible way. Reach up to 20 hours of wireless use with noise reduction enabled and over 30 hours if you choose to disable the feature.

High quality wireless audio with aptX
For example, you connect your smartphone like many other Bluetooth headphones, but the advantage of these is the aptX technology which, thanks to the higher bit rate between the devices, gives you a fantastic sound quality. Even though it comes with a 3.5 mm AUX cable for connection if desired or low battery level, you can use your headphones completely wirelessly and get excellent freedom of movement in every conceivable situation. You can also use the same AUX input as the output and let someone in your neighborhood access everything you listen to through Bluetooth.

The dynamic drive elements of 40 mm in the headphones are specially adjusted for a powerful sound with a suitable amount of bass intertwined with a clear and sharp sound in all positions.

Turn off sounds from your surroundings
Just as the model name advocates with A.N.C (Active Noise Canceling), you get active noise reduction that keeps noise and noise from your surroundings outside your own recording area. Four passive microphones have full focus on all sound that is around you and smart software works continuously to effectively counter and eliminate noise.

Wireless entertainment for up to 30 hours
With integrated battery meds high capacity that you fully charge in just three hours, you get a battery life of 20 hours of wireless use with noise reduction enabled. If you want to extend the battery life, for example at home or when you are out as usual, you can choose to deactivate this function and you get a battery life of over 30 hours. Whichever of these modes you choose, aptX technology will ensure that you maintain the same high-resolution sound quality and entertainment you don't want to be without.

Easy control button for easy music and conversation management
The multifunctional control button moves in different directions depending entirely on what you want to control for the moment. Traditional depression turns off and starts up the headphones. The button is easily slid sideways and four different directions if, on the other hand, you switch between playback and pause, adjust the volume, use the shuffle to sporadically select another track in the playlist, or reject and answer any phone calls.

- Operating time (up to): 30 hours
- Battery life: Continuous playback (noise reduction ON / Bluetooth): up to 20 hours - Continuous playback (noise reduction OFF): up to 30 hours
- Charging time: 3 / hours
- Weight: 208g

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Merker Marshall
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