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Rix - Grill Sauce pan - Modern House

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Rix - Grill Sauce pan


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Grill pan made of cast iron and bottom plate of birch. Perfect for serving meat and vegetables directly on the table. The boiler can be used on all types of cooking plates, in the oven and on the grill. Cast iron should not be used in a microwave oven.

Use: Iron boilers take longer to heat than steel, but keep high heat for a very long time. The food gets hot longer and you can enjoy a longer dinner. The frying pan must be preheated over medium heat before adding to cooking oil. For best results, use medium to high heat. Remember the potholder when the handle gets very hot! Be careful when handling the boiler on the stove and from the stove to the bench or table. Always lift the boiler instead of pulling it so that it does not wear on the hob. Always place the frying pan on the wooden plate when it is served.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Before first use, wash the boiler with soap and water. Never take a hot pan directly in cold water when the boiler can dissolve. The boiler is cleaned by hand with warm water and dried well. The bottom plate of wood is cleaned with a damp cloth.

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