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Electric toothbrush Pro790 CrossAc.


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Experience the Oral-B Pro 790 from the brand that most dentists recommend worldwide. The Pro 790 toothbrush helps you brush for 2 minutes as your dentist recommends thanks to a professional vibrating professional every 30 seconds to let you know it's time to change the area of ​​your mouth when brushing. Oral-B's unique round head does the job while you just move around the chest in your mouth. The toothbrush removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush for healthier gums and it makes your teeth whiten from day 1 by removing superficial discoloration. Oral-B Pro 790 with professional hours is a great toothbrush for anyone who wants to switch to a toothbrush. It is no wonder that Oral-B is the brand that most dentists recommend the world The rechargeable power toothbrush Oral-B Pro 790 is compatible with the following refill brush heads: Cross Action, 3D White, Sensi Ultrathin, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss Ac tion, Tri Zone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, Ortho Care.

- Up to 100% more plaque removal: the round head cleans better for healthier gums in 30 days compared to a manual toothbrush
- Make your teeth whiter from day 1 by removing superficial discoloration
- The professional 2-minute timer helps you brush for a long time
- 1 breast position: Daily cleaning
- Contents: 2 black toothbrush handle with charger, 2 brush heads
- Oral-B, dental brush dentist uses the world over

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