70x150 cm  - Carpet Fia - Brown - Pappelina


70x150 cm - Carpet Fia - Brown


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Today, Pappelina weaves about 100,000 carpets a year, employs some 40 people in Dalarna and has sales in 26 countries.

Pappelina still weaves her carpets on the weaving mill in Dalarna. Production costs are higher than in many parts of the world, but the goal has always been to build a brand filled with quality and pride. We do this best by weaving our carpets in Sweden.

Material: 100% PVC
Machine wash 30 °

Beregnet leveransdato 04 aug - 06 aug
Farge Multi/Mønstrete
Størrelse 70x150 cm
Merker Pappelina
Kategori Tepper
Artikkelnummer P190310874