H5670 Jumbo Rollers - Remington
H5670 Jumbo Rollers - Remington


H5670 Jumbo Rollers


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Nothing beats our Jumbo Rollers when it comes to creating large fine curls with much volume.
Wax-filled rolls helps to retain heat for the curls to fixate properly and for a result that lasts longer.
Styles with much volume is ideal for those rollers has a luxurious velvety finish. It provides a gentle friction needed to rotate our Jumbo Rollers in place.

12 rolls in two jumbo sizes: 4 pcs. 40 mm, 8 pcs. 35mm
Coated with luxurious velvet for great results
Innovative wax core to maintain high heat
Cool touch ends for more comfortable styling
12 color-coded clips and pins for easy attachment
Indicator light

Beregnet leveransdato 10 nov - 12 nov
Kjønn Kvinne
Merker Remington
Kategori Skjønnhetsverktøy
Artikkelnummer P232846