160x230 cm - Lotten Rug - Gold - Svanefors
160x230 cm - Lotten Rug - Gold - Svanefors


160x230 cm - Lotten Rug - Gold


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The lottery from Svanefors, a nice rag rug in yellow with stripes and fringe on the short side.

Color: gold.
Material: 100% Cotton.

Care instructions: The carpet should be vacuumed regularly. Stains can be removed with a light terry towel or soft brush, lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Then wipe the mat quickly so that it does not run the risk of being damaged by moisture. For washing the entire carpet, it is recommended that professional washing is done.

Not suitable in bathrooms as it must not be on wet floors.

Beregnet leveransdato 11 aug - 13 aug
Farge Gull
Merker Svanefors
Kategori Tepper
Artikkelnummer P191127803